Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet Some of My Favorite Farmers

It's so nice to know the people who grow your food or raise your meat. I thought you might like to meet some of them. So I took pictures at today's farmer's market in Auburn, Ca. That's Bryan with his daughter Lauren. He's the farmer-in-chief and owner of the Natural Trading Company. That's where I get my CSA (community supported agriculture) box from May to mid-October. They are just down the road from us. Big news there is that their guard dog, BoAnn, just had ten puppies. You can see BoAnn and her babies on the Natural Trading Company Facebook page. She's guarding the puppies not the farm for a while. We get fruits, vegetables, eggs, chickens and turkeys from them. I pick up our box at the farm every Friday during CSA season. Today I bought red chard, carrots and spring onions.

Next we have Bob from Coffee Pot Ranch. He supplies pork, beef, lamb and soon will have chickens for sale. Every October he has a big party for all of his customers. He roasts a pig and has a great potluck to go with the pork. His daughter recently joined in the farming operation. She is going to be raising chickens. When was the last time your butcher invited you to his house for dinner. You get to see his entire operation while you are there. No secrets at his ranch. I got pork chops from him today.

Next we have Shaun from Melon Jolly Organics. I first met him when he was the farm manager at The Natural Trading Company. When the folks at Blossom Hill Farm decided to transition to retirement, Shaun and his partner Allison decided that this could be the opportunity for them. That's where they are now. Both are wonderful young people who I hope will be very successful. They are just getting started so we support them every time we are at the market. I recently bought a bunch of herbs to grow. Today we bought eggs. It's just wonderful to see their dream start to come true. No web site yet but they are working on it.
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