Sunday, May 8, 2011

Raw Peas and Fava Beans; Yummy

The recipe I'm using for dinner tonight comes from Jamie Oliver who's dressed like a snap pea in this photo. He's talking to some bureaucrat at an elementary school back East. I'm making one of Jamie's recipes tonight that is mostly snap peas and fava beans. You don't cook any of it. Fava beans come in those big hunky pods that look weird. You see them in the farmer's markets this time of year.

When my sister Vicky reads this she will wrinkle her nose and say, "ish." She hates peas in any shape or form. But I bet I could get her to eat this.

Jamie cooked this recipe on his TV show last week. The recipe is in his cookbook, "Jamie at Home." He cooks in a simple, healthy way that really resonates with me. He never measures things and likes to use his hands more than spoons. I still have to measure.

Pretty simple recipe: fava beans, snap peas, pecorino cheese, juice of one lemon, a few leaves of fresh mint (from my new herb garden), sea salt and olive oil. Mash up everything in a food processor (Jamie used a mortar and pestle). Serve on toasted sourdough bread that has been rubbed with a slice of a raw garlic while the bread is still warm. Spread the green mixture on the toasted bread.

Then break apart a ball of fresh mozzarella cheese and place over the green mixture. Pile on a few bits of lettuce, a dash of olive oil, and a quick squeeze of lemon juice. And dinner is ready.

So far I've made the green mixture. It's resting in the refrigerator until dinner tonight.
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  1. I just might eat the peas, because they are fresh and not the army colored ones from a can that mom forced me to eat. Vicky